The roti canai stall located along Jalan Transfer has been a hotspot in Penang for a few decades. Evidence of this is the fact that the stall is now under the management of the 3rd generation descendant of the original owner. The stall has seats and tables that can accommodate up to 50 people at a time, if not more. The main dining region is made up of long steel tables that are lined parallel to each other, facing the Transfer Road. Benches are positioned on one side of the table only; hence everyone is granted an unobstructed view of the busy camaraderie from the streets. There are also seats at the front yard of the nearest mosque and further up the road in front of the shops.

At this stall, customers can enjoy the obvious choice of roti canai, as well as other variants of this local classic such as roti telur, roti sardin, and roti bakar to name a few. However, the standouts to take note of in this department have to be the roti banjir and the roti canai daging.

Of course, a serving of roti canai would not be complete without a nice plate of curry to go along with it. This is where this stall shines as the curries keep the customers coming back for more. Some of the curries sold here include chicken curry, mutton curry and beef curry; with the latter two being the best sellers in this stall.

So grab a seat and a cup of teh tarik and help yourself to the roti canai at the stall located at Transfer Road. Make sure to join in the feasting early (around 11am) or you will miss out on the experience.