Tong Sui & Beehoon Stall @ Victoria Street George Town

A humble, nameless stall that serves piping hot bowls of Cantonese style Tong Sui can be found in Lembah Pantai, also known as Beach Street. It is only a short walk down from China House. This place exudes a wondrous charm with its simplicity and antiquity. The stall is set up by the current vendor’s father 50 years ago, and still uses charcoal fire and wood to brew their Tong Sui.

Located in front of the vendor’s tumbledown wooden house, the stall consists of a few tables set up underneath a couple of umbrellas and a plastic tarp. With the limited seating, customers can be seen squatting or standing while enjoying their bowl of tong Sui because those sweet and warm bowls of delicacies are definitely worth the discomfort. Different options are available for every day of the week, indicated by a hand-written menu pasted on the wall.

Their Herbal Coconut Sago Soup, which is only available on Tuesdays is a must try. It is a perfect blend of sago pearls and chunks of tender sweet potatoes in a brown sugar broth that has a strong flavour of Chinese medicinal herbs. Coconut milk is drizzled from a plastic squeeze bottle just before serving. Half dessert and half health tonic, this bowl of soup will definitely freshen you up in the afternoon heat. Do also sample their Sweet Potato Tong Sui, which is a comforting combination of saccharine sweet potato and gingery heat.

For those who are looking to eat something savoury, the stall also serves Fried Beehoon (rice vermicelli), Beehon Soup, Chicken Porridge and a few other dishes. Do note that the stall opens around 2pm on Mondays to Fridays up until all their Tong Sui sells out.

Operating Hour

Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday

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