In 1926, a mansion was built by a father to honour his son that has a passion for Italian culture. Located in Millionaire’s Row Northam Road (before it changed to Jalan Sultan Ahmad Shah), this Italianate villa has been around as a semblance of historical pride and wealth. In recent century, after undergoing restoration works from the sad fate of the mansion, it now houses the Thirty-Two Bar and Restaurant, and also the Beach Blanket Babylon.

Thirty-Two is an excellent establishment that provides fine dining pleasure to locals and foreigners alike. The mansion is divided into a few sections, the Lounge Area for diners to enjoy some pre-dinner drinks before being brought into the Dining Room, the next section where most of the magic happens, and the Private Rooms that could fit a small party of 12-14 people, or the Gazebo that could fit six more. Catering to Western with splattering of Asian cuisine, one can enjoy the best of both worlds in one elegant place.

The menu at Thirty-Two is so extensive that it contains both the lunch and dinner sets, the a la carte options, along with desserts and the hefty choice of drinks. The sets come with appetiser and dessert and the price varies according to the mains. With House Specialty like the 6-Spice Marinated BBQ Chicken and the Crab Laksa Lemak, lunch doesn’t have to be a simple affair. Dinner sets on the other hand can get very special with mains like Baked Salmon with Almond & Cranberry Crust and Lime Beurre Blanc, and Grilled Chicken with Roasted Pumpkins, Shiitake and Foie Gras Butter. Patrons can also have their chosen beef cut served with a myriad of ingredients, available in the a la carte menu. Thirty-Two also specialises in wines that are kept in a private preservation system that maintains the quality of all their wines, from bottle to every glass. 

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