Spice Market Café is a casual buffet-style restaurant establishing authentic Chinese, Indian, Nyonya-Baba, Japanese, Thai, western and other international cuisines reflecting Penang’s food heritage. Having lavished an exquisite buffet dinner may cost a bomb on you but with the many buffet style restaurants around, the café’s still up and running operating their business by giving out special deals and discounts to both adults and children.


The interior is designed in an exquisite lavish manner that’s built in top notch condition. The café sits under a canopy of century-old rain trees that echoes with the delightful sound of nature and tropical birds chirping. Customers are given a choice of either sitting indoor or outdoors. Diners dining outdoors will be able to enjoy the cool sea breeze. There’s also a special where you can sit out and enjoy a scenic view overlooking the sandy expanse of Batu Feringgi Beach. Indoor diners would be able to enjoy a classy style buffet restaurant fully equipped with air-conditioning, comfortable rattan-weaved seating, rustic and romantic warm lights and an extravagant modern dining setting.


As mentioned above, it is an international buffet comprising of more than 6 types of diverse dishes. Everything on the menu is made and cooked well from fresh sushi counter, seafood buffet, tandoori station, western roasted potatoes together with garlic and thyme to its hot oriental soup and noodle station. You also don’t want to miss a plethora of desserts and cakes which are simply mouth-watering.


Apart from its all glorious diverse cuisines, diners can also witness the chefs cooking the popular authentic dishes right in front of you. Also, the restaurant hosts live performances, for instance, traditional musical performances to keep you entertained.