The Library Butterworth Bukit Mertajam

For many a few, the term 'library' will indubitably bring about the notion of a quiet, tranquil space, where vast amounts of books are nestled in every nook and cranny, readily available for those with an insatiable thirst for knowledge. That is the 'library' we know of but for those who are fond of the night life -the hunters under the moonlight shadows around Butterworth, the very same term will entail a different notion altogether, where a very different kind of thirst is quenched; with beers and liquors all night long.

Yep, if you guessed pub or bistro, give yourself a pat on the head for your good sense. Contrary to its name, the Library is one of the renowned places where night life socialites and liquor connoisseurs pay homage to. You will be forgiven if you are ever misled in the first place but make no mistake the next time your friends in Butterworth ask you out to a library at night.

In essence, like every other pub-and-bistro found throughout the rest of the world, beers and liquors are the standard fare in terms of the beverage menu here. The Library accommodates patrons with international brews such as Hoegaarden, Kronenbourg Blanc 1664 along with the local beer variants such as Carlsberg and Heineken. If you want to up your game for the night, to achieve greater heights in terms of high as well as to impress the ladies, you can opt instead for their list of whiskies, cognac and vodka/tequila, just to name a few. You will be spoilt for choices here, when it comes to having your alcoholic thirst quenched.

Of course, if you're in it for the ambience and socialising, nothing would make your chill-out session better than the accompaniment of gastronomical good eats and snacks. Here in the Library, their kitchen staff whips out succulent Western main courses entailing different meat -poultry, lamb, beef and fish; complemented by an assortment of vegetables -with a serving of fries; to accommodate all the hunger pangs. If party food is the call of the night, pizzas and chips are not too shabby a choice.