Taking pride in his work of art, Chef Danny Ng, a young and talented chef does not hold back in displaying his edible work to the crowd and pursuit to make Eighty Eight Restaurant to be one of the best fine dining places in Penang. Tucked in the heart of George Town, Eight Eight Restaurant does not display the concept that it put forward as one of the few places that provide fine dining experience highlighting mostly on Western dishes. The name ‘Eighty Eight’ apparently refers to the year 1988 where that was the year the restaurant was established. The establishment of the name is synonymous to quality the place has given to the people for the past decades and still is going strong. With the coming of Chef Danny Ng and his culinary skills drafted back in Singapore, the place has become a hit.

Patrons who have gone here would be baffled as the facade of the front house does not exactly resemble the work of art this place is going to provide but rather a simple and bright orange side welcoming customers at the front. Stepping inside, the decorations are not over the top but a bungalows that houses only 15 tables at a time would of course an a ok comfort zone for many.

Many had been here as time passes Eighty Eight fine dishes never disappoint. Ranges of courses available from appetizers, mains, and desserts such as their specialty homemade bread served with warm butter, or perhaps Green Gnocchi for a starter. One of the houses specialties that cannot be missed is the Baby Lamb Rumps where the lamb is covered in charcoal powder and cooked to perfection without limiting its juiciness and tenderness and perhaps a seafood delight such as Eighty Eight's Salmon Steaks. All in all, definitely will be a paid-off place. 

Operating Hour

Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, Saturday, Sunday
Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, Saturday, Sunday

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