Rich with history and heritagable gems, Logan Heritage also houses one of the best steakhouses in Penang. The Cruises Steakhouse is a well know franchise steakhouse in Penang with a combination of more than three branches around. Best known for their steaks and poultry dishes, the place has been around for a long time since the beginning of its establishment and have witnesses uncountable events, celebrations, and gatherings. Definitely a to-go place for some of the celebrated events of our lives from birthdays and anniversaries, to romantic proposals! There is nothing Cruises Steakhouse cannot do.

However of course, the menus available simply cannot be disregarded. The ever-favourite by many lamb racks is one of the must-tries, or perhaps the garlic cheese chicken chop seems to be a crowd pleaser. Beef menu is extensive enough to make one in total borderline from the scrumptious looking roasted rib eye or sizzling snow steak to the ever classic lamb chop, this house is truly is a gem that belongs in the middle of Logan Heritage.

Stepping inside after a few steps away from the main door, the settings and decor is rather interesting with sets of wooden tables and chairs that mostly filled in the spaces inside. Colourful photos can be seen hanging on the walls and Christmas lights dangling on figurines and mannequins towering at each corner of the house – all year long even if it is not during Christmas season. Some part showcases bricked walls and even more or less an intended unfinished brick walls but truly a positive artsy fartsy perhaps? All in all, Cruises Steakhouse is a must place to be if ever your crave for some delicious steaks come about. 

Operating Hour

Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, Saturday
Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, Saturday

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