Thai Original Boat Noodles Butterworth

Bringing Bangkok right to your doorstep, Thai Original Boat Noodles in Butterworth, Penang will take you on a journey back in time to the olden days of Siam, where the society spend a vast majority of their lives on the intricate waterways of Thailand. Adopting the manner in which the people of those days eat noodles –small portion in large bowls; this particular noodle joint will take you a step closer in reliving the unique ways of eating, well, boat noodles.

In comparison to other boat noodle restaurants scattered throughout Penang –both mainland and island; Thai Original Boat Noodles boast an extensive 6 types of boat noodles within their menu instead of the usual one or two variety. The selection includes Siam Laksa version, dry Tom Yam version, regular Tom Yam with broth, Original soup version, Dry version as well as air-dried (Feng Gan) version.

Noodle selection extends to two types: Kuey Teow and –surprisingly; Wantan noodles. However, if you order the Siam Laksa variety, the noodles only come with laksa noodles. Each bowl of boat noodle is accompanied by one meatball, a slice of pork, crab stick as well as ground peanut.

In terms of the soup, Siam Laksa version brings about a rich consistency with a balanced taste. Their Tom Yam variety is decent in a sense that there is the presence of tangy, sour aftertaste lingering in your palate, much like other generic Tom Yams out there. The Original version has a mild herbal flavor, not at all overpowering. The Dry variety is pretty much self-explanatory, with dark soy sauce as the base but as an added tip, it goes remarkably well with the wantan noodle. Feng Gan (Air-dried) version is only topped with spicy and sour chili paste but while it sounds rather plain, it does provide a rather refreshing kick. The noodle of choice for this particular version would be wantan noodle and be sure to mix them all up thoroughly before digging in.

Also unique to Thai Original Boat Noodles is there flexibility when it comes to their portion. If you are not keen to stack up bowls, you can opt for an upsized version that will fill you substantially with just one large bowl.

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Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Friday, Saturday, Sunday
Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Friday, Saturday, Sunday

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