Tatsujin Japanese Restaurant Bayan Lepas

Tatsujin Japanese Restaurant is a restaurant built not too long ago in late 2014. This location was said to be occupied by Kong Bee Lee Noodle Station for a while but has now shifted and was replaced by this Japanese restaurant. Tatsujin occupies a house-turn-into-restaurant which not many people have adopted yet. A plain and simple kind of middle-class Japanese restaurant that serves a few good decent meals at a reasonable price.


It’s exterior of the restaurant is exactly how a house would be built. The restaurant’s sign is placed right in front near the entrance to get people’s attention. The letterings are quite small so look out for a double story house painted in off white and red. There are a few potted plants placed outside as decoration. The plants are much more suited for normal houses but looks tacky for a Japanese restaurant. There isn’t much of a proper theme or style for the exterior. As for the interior, it fashions a very wooden-like concept mixed with a few Japanese decorations here and there.


The restaurant offers a wide selection of sushi, bento sets and their famed ramen noodles. If you’re into eating the good raw stuff, try the Supreme Sashimi and Sashimi Morlawase. Also, try the Salmon Roast Cheese Maki or the Unagi Tosa Maki that’s recommended at the top page. If you like a complete meal, try going for their bento set such as their Salmon Teriyaki Set, Nama Ika Teppanyaki or their Chicken Katsu Set. Also, not forgetting their ramen/udon noodles such as their famous Tonkatsu Udon/Ramen or the Kimuchi Udon/Ramen. The standard of their food is pretty decent but cannot be compared to the authentic Japanese food.  

Operating Hour

Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, Saturday, Sunday
Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, Saturday, Sunday

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