Tao Authentic Asian Cuisine Prai

Fancy a Japanese meal as a change of meal from the local Penang delights, Tao Authentic Asian Cuisine would take you on a delectable journey of good sushi and other Asian cuisines. Established as early as in the year 2006, this fine restaurant has been faithfully serving one of the finest Asian delicacies where it focuses on quality of food and not on tits price. What’s more, Tao is an all you can eat buffet with full customer service. Located in Times Square, Georgetown, this authentic Asian restaurant will bring you to a new level of classy and edgy delights to your table.


The restaurant is placed in Times Square, hence making it easier for customers to locate the restaurant. Customers also will have the pleasure to dine in comfort as plenty of air conditioning with good air ventilation. The restaurant is neatly decorated into a high-class style. There’s also private rooms available to reserve for special functions or events. It is definitely one that will certainly satisfy your food cravings.


Since Tao is an all you can eat buffet, Tao offers a wide variety of Japanese, Chinese, Thailand and other foreign and ethnic food. They specialise in Japanese sushi and its fresh authentic seafood. The Soft Shell Crab Karaage, Sashimi Moriawase and the Sushi Moriawase are just some of the dishes that you should give a try. Each dish is specially prepared made only with the freshest ingredients where you’ll be sure to get only the best. Appetisers include seafood, nuts, meats, vegetables and others. Other dishes served are the drunken chicken, steamed salmon fish head and green mussels with special chef’s special sauce.


Tao caters to special occasions as well such as birthdays, family gatherings, anniversaries, bouquets, special events, receptions and meetings so this will be a perfect fit if you’re planning to find a venue that’s reasonable and quality worth.

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Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday
Saturday, Sunday
Every day

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