Tang Steamboat @ Rangoon Road George Town

Steamboat. No, not the steam powered boats and ships used all those years back. Many like it for more than one reason. Among it may include the cooking of one’s own food with the preferred broth, fresh seafood, or maybe even the simple fact of dining with close family members and friends. Whatever it may be, steamboats are one to be enjoyed on special occasions, namely, birthday celebrations, company dinner, or maybe even wedding celebrations.

Situated in George Town, somewhat in between the very popular Gurney Plaza and Penang Times Square, this restaurant is what many may see as an ordinary steamboat place. The décor features a cosy and spacious ambience with not too bright but not too dim lighting to compliment the insides. Tables and chairs also fits perfectly with the ambience. Perfect for those who are looking for a humble place to dine for the night. In terms of service, very friendly and helpful people run the equally willing place for many to look forward to.

Food arrives relatively fast, after each order of course, the soup bases is also always on standby for those who are looking for a refill. Speaking about soup bases, do give a got to their Taiwanese spicy soup base, a perfect blend of taste and ingredients and not too spicy-ness, great for those who do not enjoy very spicy food. Also the Taiwanese delicacy, stinky tofu is also available here. Beef slices, fish balls, fried wonton and pork slices are best dipped in their home made sauce or if not just soy sauce. 

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