Tako Tao @ Queensbay Mall Bayan Lepas

Located within the premises of Queensbay Mall, Tako Tao exists to bring delectable snacks to cater to food aficionados and casual foodies alike all the way from the Land of the Rising Sun, saving you the cost of the trip. As the name may suggest, Tako Tao specialises in churning out an all-time Japanese favourite, the Takoyaki -commonly known as grilled octopus balls.

Each ball reaching the approximate size of a golf ball, these crispy-on-the-outside-moist-on-the-insides-flour-batter snacks are available in several distinct flavours, depending on the ingredients they entail. In Tako Tao, their signature Takoyaki flavour is derived from utilising seasoned baby octopuses, as opposed to the usage of conventional adult octopuses. Garnished with a handful of seaweed and fish-flakes, the result is a sweeter Takoyaki variation that is liked by many for its umami flavour of sorts. 

Aside from usage of Chuka Idako (Seasoned Baby Octopus), Tako Tao employs the flavours of grilled eel (Unagi) in Teriyaki sauce as well as prawns and abalone slices in its arsenal of good eats. Freshness is guaranteed in every mouthful as Tako Tao replenishes its ingredients on a daily basis, ensuring that they adhere to the culinary discipline ingrained in traditional Japanese roots. 

For a more contemporary flavour, one can also opt for the chicken and cheese variant.