Sri Ananda Bahwan is nestled in Little India, Georgetown amidst shops selling glittery Indian Jewellery and clothing along with little convenience stores blasting with Bollywood music. It is frequented by locals and tourists alike, serving Indian-inspired cuisine. Highly popular, they have 12 outlets in Malaysia and one in India.

Upon entering, you will be greeted by workers darting here and there taking orders and serving food along with the sound of frying and roti being flipped over. It is extremely lively and busy with shouting, chaos and occasionally order mix-ups due to the huge amount of customers. The interior is simple typical of mamak shops in Malaysia with wooden tables and plastic chairs.

Their Garlic Naan Set is a must try, which comes with kapitan chicken and its dipping sauce. The naan is richly infused with garlic and extremely fluffy. Dousing it with raita (a yoghurt based salad made with vegetables such as spices) makes it taste even better. The chicken is unexpectedly tender and well-marinated too. To make it even better, eat it with your hand just like the Indians. Their Chicken Masala Tosai is also delectable, with a handful of chicken masala placed at the centre of the tosai, which is then folded. The combination of Tosai and curry gravy is heavenly. Do not forget their thin, slightly crispy Roti Canai that comes with various dipping sauce. Their Banana Leaf Rice is also delicious. Patrons get to choose the dishes they want from a long table. Upon completion, a staff will come and calculate the cost of your dish.

Pair your meal with a cup of Cow’s Milk Bru Coffee that exudes exceptional fragrance and smoothness. Their Mango Lassi which is sweet and savoury at the same time is also recommended.

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