Located in the hustling and bustling city of Georgetown, this particular concept cafe offers potential patrons a window into the soul of photography whilst amidst the company of home-made good eats and hand-dripped coffees.

In earnest, the aptly name Soul Cafe accommodates patrons -casual dinners, caffeine addicts as well as photography connoisseurs; with a rather cosy interior suitable for large get-togethers or family gathering. As such, during peak hours particularly in the weekends, Soul Cafe will most likely play host to a horde of eager customers, eliciting a rowdy setting riddled with chatter and laughter.

Environment aside, food fare wise, Soul Cafe brings out the best in cooking as they incorporate a touch of quirky innovation as well as heart into each and every one of their dishes. Largely influenced by Italian culinary background, this particular cafe is a dab hand in churning out al dente servings of good ol' hearty pasta. Albeit not entirely extensive, the scarcity of the spaghetti selection meant that the food is nothing short of top notch in terms of quality. If you're partial to pesto sauce, perhaps you can opt for their pesto tagliatelle which is essentially pastas lathered with rich sauce encompassing ingredients such as crushed garlic, basil, European pine nuts and walnuts, olive oil and Parmesan cheese. Bacon lovers can opt instead for Soul's rendition of bacon pasta, known as Spaghetti All'amatriciana. Side dishes include salads or soups, no doubt hinting at a healthier manner of ending a meal. Also to note, all day brunch fare is served here as well, and that entails the form of bruschettas, Eggs Benedict with smoked salmon as well as their very own rendition of Croque Madame.

To wrap things up in Soul, a caffeinated beverage of your choice will be quite a decadent option but if you're staying away from caffeine for the moment, their selection of chilled smoothies will keep you pampered throughout the rest of your stay in Soul Cafe.

Operating Hour

Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, Saturday

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