SOHO Country House which is nestled in Auto City is one of the string of pubs opened by SOHO Group in Penang. This pub cum restaurant is housed in a white colonial-style building that shows no traces of age. Brightly illuminated every night, it is a popular place for locals and foreigners alike to hang out for drinks. However, if you are not a fan of alcohol, they also serve delectable western food. The interior of the restaurant is elegant and somewhat hipster like with wooden panels and chandeliers. Symbols of medieval shields are plastered all over the tall ceiling and also some walls. It is definitely a good place to unwind after a long day at work.

Filling up your tummy before grabbing a couple of drinks is a must so that the alcohol doesn’t affect you too much. Do consider sampling their Soho Chicken Burger. The sesame bun is lightly toasted with butter until it is slightly charred exuding a crispy but fluffy texture. The patty is succulent and tender, perfectly marinated. It is served with salad and French fries, enough to fill up your hungry tummy. Their Chicken Cordon Bleu is also a must try, with skilfully fried tender chicken breast stuffed with turkey ham and cheese. Don’t be fooled by the chicken that might not look that big. The stuffing is extremely compact, easily filling you up. It is definitely great value for money. Their Steak is also delectable, skilfully grilled to perfection and served with creamy mashed-potato and pan-seared mushroom.

They serve a wide array of drinks from local and imported beers to cocktail and hard liquor.

Operating Hour

Every day

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