Sister Cook (大姐中国沙县小吃) Pulau Tikus

One of the few places in Penang -perhaps even in the whole of Malaysia; offering the unique Sha Xian cuisine originated from China's Fujian province, Sister Cook offers an extensive range of authentic and earnest home-cooked China and local eats at pretty economical prices.

Air-conditioned along with good services to boot, this husband-and-wife operated Chinese food joint caters to large family dinners or simple quick fixes that comprises of food fare for one. They do not discriminate in that sense, serving all customers good food with a smile.

As far as their menu is concerned, Sister Cook serves poultry, pork and fish for its meat dishes along with a myriad of vegetable dishes. In terms of its bestsellers in which locals will vouch for, Sister Cook's Freezing Broccoli dish is quite the all-time favourite. Perfectly blanched broccoli chilled and served with a concoction of Japanese soy sauce and wasabi, this dish refreshes the palate and allowing patrons' appetite to set in.

Of course, in the Asian culinary world, rice is a staple and here in Sister Cook, their rendition of fried rice has managed to catch the hearts of the locals. The Scallop Fried Rice, a signature dish of Sister Cook, comes in a huge portion of seafood goodness along with 5 fried dumplings, brings about a sweet, succulent experience when it comes to eating rice.

Or if you like the scent and taste of Chinese herbs permeating your senses, Sister Cook's herbal chicken dish (Famous Prosperity Chicken) is your way to go. Well marinated and seasoned prior to being wrapped in an aluminium foil and steamed along with Goji berries and dates, this dish goes rather well with a bowl of piping hot steamed rice. Their braised pork knuckle and fish dish is also quite the crowd-pleaser as well, so keep an eye out for them when patronizing this particular Chinese restaurant.

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