Herbal tea has been around for as long as we can remember. Herbal tea is the essence to cure many common health problems. It is soothing and enriches with many natural and traditional herbs. Herbal tea shops are around every corner of Malaysia but very few good ones. One, in particular, is Shong Hor Hin Herbal Tea located in Penang. So to all Penang locals and eager tourists, this tea shop has been the essence of quality herbal tea and other herbal and sweet desserts.


The shop does not occupy a lot of space. The tea shop has a pretty small space to begin with. There are only a few wooden tables and plastic chairs that can occupy the small tea shop. Most of the time customers wait to purchase their drink, finishes them up and goes off. They do not stay long. By other means, it is more of a stop and go concept. On one side, there’s a selection of local snacks and sweets for sale.


As mentioned, Shong Hor Hin’s serve only a few selections of herbal teas and desserts. Their signature herbal tea is the Herbs Medical Tea. Many customers have a strong preference to this drink because of its medicinal purposes. The other available herbal teas are the ‘Kor Teh’ (bitter tea), ‘Teh Chia’ (bamboo cane tea) and Chrysanthemum tea with honey.

If you’re in the mood for dessert, try savouring the Gui Ling Gao (herbal jelly), Leng Chee Kang, Loh Han Kor (Papaya almond), Ang Tou Sa (red bean soup) barley and ginko or the water chestnut. These desserts will truly quench your thirst on a hot’s summers day. 

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