As how this restaurant chooses somewhat a modified Thai word as its signage, it is no surprise that patrons still come out feeling one emotion: contented; in which indirectly portrays the meaning of a legit Thai word ‘sabai sabai’- ‘everything’s chilled.’ This place can be considered one of the closest comparison to the authentic Thai recipes as served originally in the country; and another best factor? They are at a very affordable price and at a reasonable portion that will not disappoint you at all.

How can you not order the Green Curry and Tomyam? Both of these are basically what ‘Thai’ spells out in their dishes. In Sebai Sebai, green curry is mostly paired with chicken to enhance the taste of both juicy and tender meat together with the slight spicy and sweetness of the curry. Another chicken dish is called Pandan Chicken. Wrapped up in resized pandan leaves and secured with a skewer, marinated boneless chicken cubes are deep fried to perfection where the leaves act as both supplying and maintaining the aroma of the chicken; at the same time decreasing the greasiness.

The Tom Yam Seafood has a fair mixture of scrumptious squids and fish in boiling tomyam soup for the sweet and slightly sour flavour. Another alternative seafood dish that you can try is the Assam Fish.

Never miss out the Deep Fried Kangkung. This vegetable dish has the greens dipped in egg batter and deep fried to a crunchy texture. It is also one of the common dishes for a Thai restaurant and somewhat acts like an accompanying snack on its own more than a main course.

Enhance your Thai experience at this restaurant with the renowned Fried Chee Cheong Fan. Odd for a Thai restaurant but the dish is recommended by the owner himself and justified by the existing patrons.

Nevertheless, good things come to those who wait and we have to say, the time taken to receive your food is surely worthy of your patience.

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