Located in the old commercial/retail quarter of Campbell Street in Georgetown lies a Chinese restaurant called Yee Heong. The restaurant can lay claim to being one of the few Chinese restaurants in Penang that are open throughout most of the day, serving different dishes for the different meals throughout the day.

Speaking of which, as far as their morning menu is concerned, Yee Heong is regularly noted for its dim sum selection, which customers regularly come back to for breakfast. Some of the items in this selection include glutinous rice with chicken, har gow, BBQ pork filled buns, steamed pork-ribs with black-beans, tofu stuffed with minced pork, steamed buns filled with sweet lotus-paste, and lots more. Yee Heong also offers a large menu of cooked dishes for those looking for a more substantial breakfast such as fried noodles, stewed pork's leg in vinegar, and a few others.

During the lunch and dinner hours, Yee Heong serves up a number of stir fried dishes for it’s “Chu Char” menu. The items in this menu include braised lamb, prawn omelette with tomatoes, sweet & sour prawns, bitter gourd with egg, herbal chicken, sambal brinjal, fried chicken with sweet sauce, sizzling plate tofu, Teochew style steamed fish, braised fish head with roast pork, pork ribs in sweet sauce, stir fried vegetables, spinach soup, and a whole lot more.


So if you’re looking for great Chinese food that’s delicious and affordable at any time of the day in Penang, then you’re best bet is definitely Restoran Yee Heong.

Operating Hour

Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, Saturday

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