Duck dish is always considered as among life little pleasures and at What The Duck Restaurant is the mother ship of all duck’s dishes, sort of like a place for duck galore and duck lovers would love this place with its every bit. Tucked along the heritage lane of Nagore Road Penang where the famous lane is known for its seasoned row of shops, What The Duck Restaurant has been around for quite some time now since late 2014 and has been a hit among Penangites. Interestingly, although the dishes are confined to duck being its vital ingredient, this restaurant still manage to come up with an extensive menu ranging from the restaurant’s signature Duck Confit to Platter of Duck Trio.

Among the many dishes that they serve, its signature Duck Confit is a must try especially for first timers where on every bite it succulently lures its eater with the meats juicyness yet its skin crispiness still retains. Another dish that cannot be missed is What The Duck’s Roasted Duck dish where it simply mesmerizes on the simplicity that it crafted. This modern-Asian concept restaurant is the brainchild of Chef Daniel where his expertise and skill are evidently parading on the delicacies that he made using duck meat as the main ingredient and extensive at that one too that covers both Western and Asian delights. The setting of the place is really humble on its decoration with white tables and chairs filling in most of the spaces here yet still eye catching to passersby. 

Operating Hour

Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, Saturday, Sunday
Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, Saturday, Sunday

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