When you mention Naan bread and Biryani, Penangites will definitely recommend you to visit the Restoran Kapitan. This restaurant is considered as legendary among the Penang folks.  Serving full menu of nasi kandar, curries, various sorts of Indian foods, their famous claypot biryani, and of course the tandoori chickennaan and cheese naan. Dinner time is the peak hour of this popular restaurant. Dining in during the peak hour will probably take up to an hour before the food is served to your table.


The Chicken Tandoori prepared here has a divine and vibrant red colour to it which shows that the chicken is freshly cooked in a clay oven. When it comes to their Naan, not only do they taste delicious, they also look different from the regular Naan from elsewhere. The oval-shaped naan is surely on its own league when it comes to its delightful taste and its thin and crispy texture. As side dish, sliced shallots is served along with two different kinds of sauce; mint and dhal sauce. The mint sauce is different where they added some sweet sauce to it. The regular patrons said that the sauce is prepared using an authentic recipe from India which is why it is popular among the locals.


If you want to go for their briyani, try it with the prawn curry as side dish. They use large and fresh prawns that has a nicely meaty texture. Starchy rice is used instead of basmati rice makes the dish even more unique. The dish is also full of aromatic flavours from the spices used. You also do not want to miss their Roti Canai and Kebab. Besides that, even the simplest beverages offered at Restoran Kapitan are tasty. Not like any other mamak out there, their Teh Ais has a different taste due to the tea leaves used. It is aromatic, pleasant, and surprisingly not too sweet. For a whole new experience of mamak, Restoran Kapitan is definitely the place to go.

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