Penang without a doubt would be the epitome of seafood galore, well of course, considering its geographical element is pretty much a dead giveaway already. The district of Teluk Bahang in Penang specifically is the mother land of all seafood restaurants in Penang with a beach that run endlessly, it is a no wonder that the place is famous among the locals and travellers  to acquire the freshest seafood. Plenty of seafood restaurants lining up the shore and one such restaurant is Fishing Village Restaurant. The decoration seems to be above average than the others which pretty much contributes to the much warmer setting as compared to the ones around it that only focuses on their dishes. However, Fishing Village Seafood Restaurant is no less tasty. Apparently the place is famous for its fresh oysters and gets this, their cheese baked oysters are the house’s specialty and of course the folks are crazy over it – as if normal fresh oysters are not delicious enough!

However of course, crabs just simply cannot be left out when mentioning Fishing Village Seafood especially when it is their signature dish. Surprisingly the crabs are not being fancied up with seasonings and off the top sauces that will overwhelm the authentic taste of fresh crabs, but rather a much more charred aroma that was perfectly grilled fresh crabs. Nothing says confident of the original and freshest taste of seafood than this and firmed juiciness that oozes out of the flesh. Sounds tempting? Then head down to Fishing Village whenever you are around.