Rangoon Road Herbal Tea Georgetown

Located along Rangoon Street of Georgetown, the Rangoon Road herbal tea truck has managed to gain the attention and affection of tea aficionados as well as those who frequented the vicinity. Having been in the business for 30 years to date, it is rather clear that the teas made by this mobile stall with wheels are nothing short of top-notch. Operated single-handedly by a old -but clearly not obsolete; man, the herbal teas are sold from dusk til midnight, and most of its patrons are individuals who are tired from the day's worth of work and looking for a remedy to rejuvenate themselves.

Serving only two different kinds of tea, namely Chrysanthemum Tea and Chinese Medicated Tea, the herbal tea stall compensated for its lacklustre in choice of tea selections by emphasising on the quality. As one would've figured it out by now, Chrysanthemum Tea is derived from the fragrant Chrysanthemum flowers and having said that, makes for a mildly sweet beverage. But the owner included a unique twist of his own by infusing ginseng roots into the fray, resulting in a Chrysanthemum Tea that has a bitter aftertaste.

But bitterness wise, the Chrysanthemum Tea pales in comparison to the Medicated Tea. Using various Chinese herbs to concoct the tea, the potentness of the tea is nothing short of an all-time high. Flavour wise, the tea is bitter through and through but many still go for it because not only it provides the need for an acquired taste which many relish as a challenge, the tea also bring about many health benefits.