As we all know, Penang is heaven for food lovers to indulge in local cuisine. However, after the never ending rice and noodle dishes, your tummy will probably be craving for something lighter like bread or baked goods. Head over to the Rainforest Bakery in Georgetown to quell your cravings. Started operating in the year 2000/2001, this bakery was just operating as wholesale suppliers to restaurants and café. After receiving many good reviews and requests from its customers, they finally decided to open a retail outlet at Chulia Street in 2008. This bakery is always fill with customers from different race and nationality choosing their pick of the day daily.


Owned by Jerry and Jesse who are actually twins, this bakery is offering different kinds of bread and bakes goods that are all made in their own kitchen. The loafs are freshly baked daily using organic methods. Organic does not solely mean that the ingredients used are organic, but the preparation and baking process is also organic in every way, which makes them unique from the usual bakeries. Besides the bread, they also offer healthy organic traditionally baked goods and non-localised loaf. What we are going to say next will probably fascinate patrons who loves to eat healthy. The items available in this humble shop is made with no MSG, no preservative, no enhancers, and no essence. The yeast used is also self-cultured.


Apart from the organic ingredients and methods of baking, the Rainforest Bakery also use packaging and wrapping of certain breads the original ways that were used to pack them for patrons which are still practiced in certain parts of the baking world. For the perfect snacks like chocolate croissants or slice of herb and cheese focaccia, drop by Rainforest Bakery for a glimpse of bread heaven.

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Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, Saturday

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