Not many have steamboat on a regular basis. Let’s face it, steamboats can actually cost a lot for some places. But people still willingly spend once in a while. Why? There is not an answer for all but for some, it is simple, the fact of dining along with your best mates or family members. Steamboat goes back a long way, especially for the kids who enjoy the idea of cooking their own food in a pot of boiling soup in front of their eyes. It is great fun for children and adults alike.

Situated in Taman Pauh Jaya, this humble restaurant is what many go for if they are looking for great but simple yet tasty steamboats. The restaurant is a simple yet cosy place which gives many a sense of seclusion from the busy surroundings of Penang. During the night, tables will be set up outside the restaurant to give customers a choice to sit inside or outside with nature’s very own air conditioner (wind). Being a steamboat restaurant not many of other items are sold here other than the typical ingredients. Speaking about ingredients, all of them are as fresh as it can be and of the highest quality as well.

You can grill here as well. The pot comes in two parts, the top and main part is where the broth is kept and boiled while the second part is where you can grill your food. However, the griller is more like a griddle. While here, do not miss out on their chicken and meat slices. If you are a big fan of seafood then, you’re in luck. Fresh squids, clams and even whole small fish is available.