Tucked in the midst of hustle and bustle along the road in front of a row shops at Jalan Todak in Seberang Prai where Sunway Carnial Mall is situated across, sit Platform 39 Cafe that first opened its door the crowds back in 2014. Not long after its opening, this cafe becomes a hit and a talk of the town for almost a week. The dishes this cafe serves are quite divers ranging from breakfast set, Western, pasta and a touch of Asian delicacies where noodle and rice based delicacies are served as well. Apparently the concept of Platform 39 is train station concept where the number 39 refers to number of the single premise that this cafe occupies and this idea was a notion of John, the owner.

The inside of this cafe is simply straight forward where wooden panels masquerading the walls most of the tables and chairs are wooden as well and the yellow lighting colour really draws in a rather warm and fuzzy feeling that would be perfect for a great afternoon tea session. Perhaps it explains a lot as to why the crowds love to opt for Platform 39 for a quick breakfast in the morning or evening tea and snack such as Platform 39’s famous eggs Benedict dish where within the first few weeks after the dish was introduced during its opening, it became the best selling item.  Of course, with such experienced chefs behind the arrays of dishes this cafe serves such as chicken, pasta, and many more, it is almost impossible not to like the offering here.