In the midst of a tourist trap hole of Weld Quay in Penang sits a gem that is known to the local for selling the best deep fried delicacies in Penang, or in Malaysia perhaps. With abundance to choose from ranging from kuih bakul to fried tapioca, this gem does not bear a specific name to it but only the generic term of ‘goreng pisang’ place, but nevertheless being the only pisang goreng stall there that sells delicious deep fried delights, people still love getting their weekly fix of deep fried snacks here. This humble stall is managed by a family of four where the men of the household are in charge of cutting and distributing of the items whilst the mother and daughter will be in busy of frying them.

 To get a part portion of the deep fried items here will costs you some time that might even reach to an hour if you happen to stumble upon a bigger than usual crowd. But all the wait will be worth every bite taken off the fried items here, where among the many, Pisang Goreng Weld Quay’s banana fritter is a must try snack especially for first timers. With crispy light batter coating the juicy banana bursting with sweetness, it is almost impossible to say no to. For a little off than the usual course of banana fritter snack, deep fried tapioca is also a specialty here considering that not many places offers one where the mashed tapioca that is formed into rolls are deep fried to golden brown. The creamy texture mix with crusted crispiness of the skin is unbelievably delicious that simply cannot be missed. 

Operating Hour

Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, Saturday

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