PIK NIK is an indie cafe located along Jalan Nagore in Penang. The cafe takes up two pre-war shoplots and sports an interior that’s filled with antiques and recycled materials. Even the walls have all sorts of art smeared all over. All of this lends itself to being a great hangout spot for young Penangites to chill out, have a quick bite to eat and sip some drinks.

Speaking of the food, PIK NIK has a very easy menu to deal with, which has an easy choice of Western favourites to enjoy. Some of these include a pumpkin creamy cheese bake, and their dory fritters, which are a favourite amongst regulars. The obvious standout menu category at PIK NIK has to be their waffle selection, which is comprised of their signature Belgian waffles that are freshly baked. The waffles are mostly on the savoury side, with toppings such as bacon, salmon, sausage, egg that can be added to it. On top of this, PIK NIK also gladly proclaims that they are the first and only establishment to serve waffle burgers in their immediate area. The waffle burger selection includes fish and beef patties.

There are also a decent range of beverages to be had at PIK NIK. These range from hot drinks like latte, to chilled, easygoing drinks like the strawberry yogurt smoothie. One of the favourites at this restaurant in terms of beverages is undoubtedly the winter melon lemon tea.

So head on down to PIK NIK cafe for a chance to let off some steam with great food and drinks.

Operating Hour

Monday, Wednesday, Thursday, Sunday
Friday, Saturday

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