Pie Harbour @ Automall Lebuh Sungai Pinang

Walking along the street named after one of Malaysia's controversial political figure, the Karpal Singh Drive of Penang Island houses one particular commercial outlet that specializes in rolling out trays after trays of savory pies, fresh from the oven. The Pie Harbour, harbored -no pun intended- in Maritime Piazza Automall, Penang is one of the three outlets currently present throughout the island, with the other two located in Gurney Paragon and Queensbay Mall respectively. 

Initially an idea conceived by a local in the midst of higher level studies in Australia, the menu of Pie Harbour now holds more than a dozen variety of pies to choose from, all baked to perfection, nothing less than that. In essence, Pie Harbour’s pies are unlike those of conventional types in the sense that they are lighter to the stomach. Revolving around the concept of being bite-sized, it brings about the notion that one will be partaking in finger food more than anything else, allowing room for more pies of other fillings.

And speaking of fillings, Pie Harbour offers an array of savory fillings from poultry (Chicken & Leek Pie or Chicken & Mushroom Pie) to beef (Steak & Cheese Pie) or lamb and even seafood (Tom-Yam Seafood Pie), just to name a few. Vegetarians, fret not, for your needs are accommodated as well with the ‘Spicy Mix Vege’ variation. The pies can either be ordered ala-carte or be made part of a set, complimented by generous serving of Pie Harbour’s very own Garden Salad and Mash Potatoes, not forgetting a beverage of choice; either juice comprised of three variations or coffee or tea. And if you are not in the mood for heavy meals, instead feeling the pang for sweet things, Pie Harbour has a remedy for that as well, with their own selection of sweet pies made out of fruits –apple or banana; or roots; yam.

In baking its trademark pies, Pie Harbour uses butter –an ingredient more costly than that of the standard margarine. The reasoning behind such step (?): more aromatic pies and delectable texture in which margarine can never provide. The thickness of the crusts are brought to much consideration as well, soft enough that the pastry flakes off with touch but sturdy enough to withstand easy punctures while not overpowering the overall texture of the pie with dry pastry.

Of course, if pies are not your thing, you can always opt for their pastas and sandwiches which are no doubt delicious as well.

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