Coming to Penang, it is often common to find dessert pop-up stalls by the roadside to cater for the need and convenience of passersby who somehow desire for something to quench their thirst under the hot weather. If you have not heard of it yet, the Penang Famous Teo Chew Cendol is one of the extremely mainstream places for all to go to enjoy bowls of refreshing goodness.

More known for its cendol served till the brim in a blue bowl, the combination of toppings together that consist of served ice, pandan-flavoured jelly, red beans and coconut milk is just right for anybody that comes around. It is not too sweet or bland and together with brown sugar, you have gotten a bowl of enlivening dessert.

If you have not gotten enough, get a bowl of ice kacang as well because why not? Request for one and you will get as much toppings as you can ever imagine. But not worry, it is not too filling but it is enough for you to beat your thirst until you decide to get some kind of refreshment along the way. The bowl is filled with shaved ice drizzled with red syrup and added with red beans, black jelly, corn and other ingredients.

Because the pop-up stall is located next to a coffee shop and other small hawker stalls, you are able to either enjoy your bowls of dessert the classic way, which is just standing along the road, seated under umbrellas at the stall if there were to be any available seats, or take it to the Joo Hooi coffee shop. The coffee shop has a lot of Penang street food sold there therefore you are already killing two birds with one stone just by visiting Penang Road! You can find dishes like Assam Laksa, Penang rojak, Indian rojak, Char Kuay Teow, Penang prawn mee, popiah and many more.

However, being all publicized, patrons should always be prepared to endure about at least half an hour of waiting time and also the hot weather. Never get confused with the stalls because there are two of them but you can easily point out which is the more famous one.