Nestled between age-old buildings hailing from the British Residential era of Francis Light, lies a rather sweet and cosy cafe which brings a whole new meaning to homemade cakes and pastries. Sweet-tooth and dessert aficionados, be prepared. Meet Passion Heart Cafe.

Patronised by both locals and tourists alike, Passion Heart is the haunt of those who are passionate about everything baked and the best part is, being homemade, patrons will be able to experience firsthand the warmth and dedication devoted in bringing upon the table a very good slice of cake, not to mention that the fare here are priced at a very affordable rate. And being a specialist of its trade, the cafe boast quite a myriad of decadent cakes which are bound to fit your preferred taste. If anything, their quirkiness in innovating cakes in particular is sure to surprise you -in a good way, of course. If you ever catch yourself in the vicinity of Passion Heart, be sure to make a beeline for tantalising creamy Durian Cake as well as fragrant Cempadak Cake awaits. Pastry wise, their sweet and savoury Apple Crumble is quite the crowd favourite.

Also, fret not if you're in need of substantial food that will fill your rumbly tummy better for Passion Heart Cafe does accommodate patrons in need of larger portions -as if the cakes aren't big enough in portion; of food. Behind the scenes, the kitchen staffs every readily dishes out scrumptious main course entailing food such as pastas, mee rebus as well as nasi lemak, to name a selected few.

To wash things down, perhaps opting for a cup of their hand-brew coffee -such as cappucino, latte, affocado and the likes; would do your palate justice, particular after scarfing down the rather pungent Durian cake. 

Operating Hour

Monday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, Saturday, Sunday

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