If you are near the Tanjung Bunga area in Penang, it is an area where quite a number of seafood enthusiasts will explore this Pang Hainan Seafood. Located right opposite Chinese Swimming Club and The Marin, this seafood restaurant is no stranger to locals.

The restaurant has gone through a series of renovations and now has extended its dining area towards the outdoors without interrupting the walkway. When you walk into the restaurant, tables are being arranged by the sides. That shows the amount of customers that have increased throughout the years. Within the premises, you can also see large aquariums with air pumps filled with different types of sea creatures waiting to be picked out by consumers.

The menu is very much like other seafood restaurants but to everybody’s convenience, prices are being listed out on both menus and mini posters at the counter. Patrons who want to have small meals are able to do so and more are able to order accordingly so there is never too much. We all know crabs might be the second most favourite dish to order and in Pang Hainan Seafood, you are given a choice of six flavours: Sweet and Sour, Black Pepper, Chili, Baked, Steamed and last but not least the Kam Heong Crab; which is both spicy and fragrant. They also have a minimum order of only two crabs so it is to the customer’s advantage if they just want to give it a taste as a side dish.

Besides the crab, the lobster has gotten a pretty warm welcome as well. Known as the cheese lobster, the meat is cooked to a springy texture with a slight crunch and topped generously with cheese. It is then accompanied with some button mushrooms and onions and some mango salad on the side.

Other dishes that will go very well in general include the Assam Prawn, the Deep Fried Mantou, a steamed Garoupa fish and maybe some steamed scallops. As most seafood are accompany by drinks, there are no corkage charge for bringing your own wine and you can ask for chilled glasses. Experienced patrons will know that the place is always swarmed when it comes to dinner time and it is not just on the weekends, it is on weekdays too. Well, you cannot keep seafood out of the man now can you?

Operating Hour

Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, Saturday, Sunday
Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, Saturday, Sunday

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