Padang Brown Hawker is a food court in Penang that housed two rows of old age stalls of all three Malay, Chinese, and Indian foods. If you’re looking to have the best of Malaysian street food the best place to go is a food court and Padang Brown Hawker is one of them. These kinds of places speak volume about history, culture and food, and how all three come together into what we have today. While mainly consists of Chinese stalls, the other stalls are still equally as popular with the people. The thing about this food court is that the operating time goes from late afternoon to just before dark. Some of the stalls do open at night but not most of them. Even so, Padang Brown Hawker is considered to house a variety of the best street food of their respective kind in the entire island dubbed as the food haven of Malaysia.

The most sought after treat here would have to be the Seafood Popiah run by a Chinese uncle with some helper. This plate of popiah is not of the usual kind, no. For starters, one of the ingredients for the filling is crab meat, and not the processed one, surrounded by bits of tofu and jicama and wrapped in a thin yet sturdy popiah skin.

The yong tau foo and loklok are also among the best and always a hit with the crowd. Pasembor is traditionally an Indian originated treat that is a considered a salad with a hefty filling. The same stall also serves Mee Goreng Mamak unlike no other. On the dessert side, treat your evening with a bowl of Ice Kacang, Bubur Cha Cha and the Coconut Shake. Do stop by for the Sup Ekor as well while you’re there. 

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