Ocean Green Restaurant has been around for some time under the management of Paramount Hotel. Situated nearby the sea, guests not only could enjoy fresh caught seafood but also the spectacular view especially at dusk. The restaurant has a simple layout of round tables, perfect for any occasion for as little or as many people. 

The amount of food available here is what kept this restaurant going all this time. They have customers that have continuously visited for decades to continue enjoying the kind of food available here. Ocean Green offers various types of seafood as well as land meat for the pleasure of their customers. The meal usually start with the Fresh Boiled Tiger Prawns, freshly caught prawns boiled with all its natural goodness and can be eaten with some dipping sauce or just as it is. Tiger prawns are known for their bigger size so the flesh is big and juicy and such a joy to eat. Next is the crab, cooked in various styles like chilli, and sweet and sour sauce, the one that people are raving about is the Grilled Crab Meat Topped with Cheese. The crab meat is packed inside the outer shell of the crab that acts as a bowl with melted cheese on top, adding to the creative presentation. 
The restaurant also have their version of the local favourite, Satay, where the meat is soaked in the peanut sauce before grilling that resulted in fragrant and rich in flavour satay that does not any extra sauce.

With a business hour that runs from noon until night every day, Ocean Green is the restaurant destination for locals and tourists alike. They also offer other worthy dishes like the Deep Fried Baby Chicken, Hainanese Spring Roll, and the Steam Thai Style Scallops.