Noor & Dean's Cafe is a cafe tucked within the building of Noordin Street House, a luxury boutique hotel in the heart of Georgetown. The establishment started in October 2013 when the proprietors, Mr. Muniswaran and Mr. John, toyed with the idea of running a breakfast café in the middle of town. The premise of Noordin Street House and the café was extensively renovated from scratch, with Mr. John (an architect by profession) at the helm of the interior decorations. The cafe stick to the 1950s retro concept, with no stone is left unturned when transforming the entire premise back to the good old days. All of this makes the restaurant a great place for special occasions like a romantic dinner.

Noor & Dean's cafe has a very comprehensive menu which comprises of many fusion dishes. Some of the notable dishes are Gado-Gado, Thai laksa, soto ayam, roti jala, oyster char kuey teow, grilled chicken Arrosto with mashed potatoes, mutton varuval panini, cucur udang, chicken shish kebab with olive oil based pasta, and many more.

For those with a sweet tooth, there are plenty of desserts to dig into such as the sizzling almond cakes, banana fritters, sago gula Melaka, and a few others. To wash all this food down, the espresso bar here can conjure a series of hand-crafted coffee and mocktail beverages for our enjoyment like the iced Vienna coffee, Milano mocha, Caffè Macchiato, Mezzo Mezzo, and Teoh's Punch to name a few.


So if you’re looking to enjoy great food accompanied with a unique retro ambience, Noor & Dean’s Café is most definitely to place to go.