Operating without signage and thus a hidden gem in its own unique right, Muthu's Traditional Banana Leaf has had locals and foreigners -who are lucky enough to stumble across it; coming back for more with its colourful fare of banana leaf cuisine.

For those who are virgin patrons to the humble -but renown; Indian food joint, be ready for a sumptuous South Indian meal of epic proportions. In essence serving primarily banana leaf, Muthu's rendition of the said dish revolves around having parboiled rice as the central focus, accompanied by a colourful array of side-dishes that comes in the form of spicy curries, crunchy, cool vegetables (cucumber raiti, cabbage, spinach, etc...), as well as meat from both land (chicken and lamb) and sea (cuttlefish, prawn, fish and crab), all spread across a mat of banana leaf. Sensual? Wait til you try it for yourself.

With so many decadent curries and condiments to go along with the rice, a burst of flavours is nigh due to the complimentary herbs and spices utilised in the cooking. Patrons will be immersed in not only spiciness, but also savouriness and sweetness entailed within. The ever diligent servers of Muthu will always be at the ready to scoop generous amounts of additional curry -comprising of 3 different selections: chicken, fish and crab; onto your banana leaf, so fret not for the flow of curry is ever-present. Topped with a piece of crunchy papadam for the added texture as well as a shot of tangy rasam for a refreshing change of pace, you are in safe hands if you are in Muthu's, wishing to experience first hand, the flavours of Indian culinary heritage. 

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