In December 2012, a local patisserie was turned into reality by a young lady who have a background in engineering. Due to her passion for baking, she quit her engineer job at a famous company and open her own little shop that offers good quality desserts and baked goods. Mon Délice Patisserie is a one of a kind bakery in which they only serve quality French pastries and cakes. Moved from Nagore Road to Jalan Servis, this new shop is only filled with four tables. Here at Mon Délice, they guarantee you a few things that will surely impress you. The cakes are all 100% handcrafted from scratch using high quality ingredients, they do not add any artificial colouring, preservatives or premixes, and best of all the cakes are made daily and they do not keep them overnight. So if you arrive late in the evening, expect a limited selection of sweet delicacies.


Some of the popular desserts at Mon Délice Patisserie are the Apple Cheesecake and Valencia. The Apple Cheesecake is a light cheese cake that is prepared with caramelized Granny Smith apples, topped with caramel swirls on a delicious crunchy cookie base. The plate is super fluffy and light with the fresh and sweet taste of the apple. On the other hand, Valencia consists of orange cream cheese mousse with chocolate genoise. The fact that they are using a homemade orange compote, layered with a beautiful chocolate cookie base, and topped with fresh orange glaze. Perfect choice for orange lover. Other desserts that you will love here will be their tiramisu, chocolate cake and cookies. If you are looking for a great quality desserts in Penang, Mon Délice Patisserie is worth the money you pay for.

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Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, Saturday

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