Located in the first floor of the G Hotel on Gurney Drive is Miraku, a restaurant that strives to serve authentic Japanese cuisine. Established under the Texchem Group of Companies, Miraku is determined to satisfy any food connoisseur's taste buds and the wider public with the help of the best and most experienced chefs directly brought in from Japan to make authentic Japanese fine food at an affordable price; providing patrons with a truly Japanese dining and cultural experience. They also intend on achieving this mission with the help of exceptionally professional and personalized service for their customers.

Like most authentic Japanese restaurants, customers can enjoy items like sashimi, sushi, meat dishes, seafood items, tofu dishes, tempura, noodle and soup dishes such as soba and nabe hot pots, bento rice sets, and much more. There are also a number of specialty items that can be ordered at Miraku, some of which include grilled salmon belly, homemade Japanese omelette, salmon roe, soft shell crab, enoki mushrooms in butter, and Japanese style pancakes to name a few.

As far as desserts go, Miraku has limited this to interesting ice cream flavours such as black sesame, green tea, and tempura; which are great for pleasantly wrapping up the meal. When it comes to washing down all this food, Miraku offers a wide variety of non alcoholic beverages such as Japanese beers like Asahi and Sapporo, plum wine, sake, and non alcoholic beverages that include mocktails, fresh fruit juices and green tea.

So if you’re looking for great, authentic Japanese food in Penang, do check out Miraku Restaurant in G Hotel.

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