Menya Miyabi Bayan Lepas

Nestled within Queensbay Mall itself, Menya Miyabi exists as one of the best places in the Pearl of the Orient to go for whenever the sudden craving for succulent Japanese ramen strikes.

Portraying the classic Japanese diner design with the concept of minimalism in mind, Menya Miyabi's premises lean more towards practicality in contrast to over-the-top aesthetics. Hence, it is able to accommodate more than 50 customers at any given time with its spacious, brightly lit dining area. 

A popular favourite amongst avid shoppers who wish to replenish their hungry bellies with good, decadent food, Menya Miyabi is indubitably a ramen specialist in its own right, accommodating patrons with three distinct broths to go along with their all-too-springy al dente egg noodle dish. First up, Menya Miyabi has up their sleeve their rendition of Yaki-Miso broth that brings out the best of Japanese ramen. Savoury being the name of the game, those with an uninitiated palate will feel overwhelmed by the degree of saltiness present in the broth, but rest assured, it is supposed to taste that way, no doubt due to the usage of fermented soybean paste in the making. If you're not partial to overbearingly salty ramen, the chefs will wholeheartedly accommodate you with a milder variant of the Yaki-Miso broth. Coupled with onions for added crunch alongside Chashu slices, and braised egg, you are in for a treat, ala Japan.

Next variant comes in the form of the all-too-familiar Tonkotsu broth. If you're a fan of Japanese ramen, you would know of the rich, creaminess of this pork-bone soup. Here in Menya Miyabi, their rendition of Tonkotsu ramen leaves no room for nitpick as you will be too absorbed in wolfing down the succulent noodles anyway. 7 hours used in the cooking process, the pork-bone goodness is all infused in the stock, and every mouthful entails a burst of flavour. Also served with Chashu slices, braised egg with addition of black fungus.

Last but not least, their hot-and-spicy variant name Kara Miso ramen caters to those who prefer a spicier flare. Side dishes include their rendition of delectable Japanese fried dumpling (Gyoza) riddled with porky goodness as well as Japanese fried potatoes a.k.a Croquettes. For those not entirely partial to ramen, an alternative of rice-based dishes are also made available here; example:- Katsu Curry Don (Japanese Chicken Curry Rice).

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