Nestled at the intersection between Jalan Larut and Jalan Basawah, this stall has been garnering the attention of food aficionados, local and non-local alike. For three generations to date, Mee Goreng CRC has been a living legacy in the culinary world and staying true to its name, it has been dishing out delicious noodle dishes, day after day, year after year.

The family trade is manned single-handedly by the newest generation in the business, acting as both the cook behind the scenes as well as noting down orders and accommodating patrons with a smile when serving its reputable noodle dishes. 

In terms of its noodle dish, a selection between a fried version slathered with spicy red chilli paste (Mee Goreng) and a par-boiled version served with rich, sweet and sour stock (Mee Rebus) is available and patrons can choose between different kinds of meat to go along with the dish, whether it be tender mutton, beef or chicken. 

Along with generous amounts of prawn and vegetable fritters, boiled potatoes, egg, tomatoes, octopus bits and beancurd cubes complimenting the dish as a whole, it makes for a real good time chowing down on your preferred choice of noodle dish. To enhance the flavour of the overall dish, patrons can opt for a squeeze of fresh lime and a dash of green chilli to go with the noodle as well.

Operating Hour

Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Saturday, Sunday

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