Market Cross Pisang Goreng Georgetown

The pisang goreng -or banana fritters; has been entwinned with the traditional Malaysian food scene since a long way back, when the Portuguese based themselves in Malacca in 1511. Having said that, to date, the pisang goreng has spread all across Malaysia and it has long since secured a powerful position in the hearts of the many that called Malaysia their home. And if you ever found yourself craving for these sweet, crispy bites in the vicinity of Georgetown, head on over to Market Cross (Lintang Pasar) at Dato Keramat road and you will soon find yourself indulging in your long-awaited banana fritters.

A mere road-side stall with a humble, unassuming outlook, the stall does more than compensate for its aesthetics through its tasty banana fritters, an evident truth as throngs of banana fritter fans crowd around the stall, eventually blocking the stall from sight. 

in terms of its banana fritters, each fritter comprised of a whole banana, as opposed to the usual half a banana used in other stalls. The fritters are butterflied, dipped in the stall's very own batter concoction and dropped into scalding hot cauldron of oil, where the fritters swim for a good 3 to 5 minutes before being removed from the cauldron and set to rest. The result comes in the form of a banana fritter so crispy on the outside, all but sealing the melted and gooey banana inside.