Mansion Twenty is nestled in the bustling Green Hall Road in Georgetown, Penang. Occupying a whole bungalow lot, it is a bar cum restaurant which offers good music, scrumptious food and alcohol. The shop is extremely spacious with two main dining areas. The al-fresco dining area exudes a laid back atmosphere which is suitable for friends to gather and chit chat. It features a bar, with fairy lights strewn all over the ceiling. On the other hand, the air-conditioned interior is simple but elegant, suitable for romantic occasions or for patrons who prefer a more comfortable environment.

Their menu offers a few varieties of pasta, meat, salad and seafood. Their Lamb Shank is a must try. It comes in a hearty portion, slathered in rich and thick savoury sauce. The meat is tender and juicy, easily falling off the bone but not so shredded that it loses its texture. This is definitely one for the meat lovers. Do also give their Aglio Olio Mushroom a try. The spaghetti is cooked al-dente and lightly tossed with an array of fresh mushrooms: shimeiji, shitake and button mushrooms. It is then flavoured with garlic, chillies and herbs.

If you are looking for something lighter, do sample their Caesar Salad with Grilled Chicken. It will definitely light up your palate with its multi-dimensional flavours. The vegetables are fresh and crisp, flavoured with a touch of hot mustard apart from the usual Caesar salad dressing. The chicken is perfectly grilled, well-seasoned and does well in complementing the flavour of the salad.

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