Lo Yau Kee Dessert Shop George Town

Nestled along Lebuh Kimberley, a street away from Penang's famous Lebuh Chulia, this unassuming little shop has a lot to offer when it comes to Chinese traditional dessert. Opening its doors daily for potential patrons from evening til night, locals and tourists alike frequent this particular dessert joint for a cooling bout of sweet indulgence.

Being quite the specialist in its own rights, Lo Yau Kee harbours several types of traditional Chinese dessert such as Lin Chee Kang (Lotus Seed Soup), Fu Chuk Yee Mai (Chinese Bean-curd Sheet with Barley), Bubur Chacha, black -and also red bean soup, as well as a few conventional ones like Grass Jelly with milk. All sweet to the tooth despite having their unique textures, from crunchy to chewy to soft consistency.

Not one to skim off any vital components of their desserts, the desserts are nothing short of plentiful in terms of the ingredients used. Take for instance, their Lin Chee Kang. Each bowl is filled to the brim with the sweet delightful broth and swimming around in it are copious amounts of snow fungus, dried longan and of course, the star of the dish, lotus seeds. 

Aside from desserts, patrons can also opt for herbal drinks such as home-made chrysanthemum tea or longan water. And as an added bonus, Lo Yau Kee also provides patrons with their own rendition of Loh Mee -flat egg noodles swimming in thick, starchy and savoury broth with braised eggs, shredded pork and liver.

Operating Hour

Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Friday, Saturday

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