People like many things. Nice things, simple things, you name it. And it’s not always one gets something that he or she wants but more towards what he or she needs. Even if that is the case, needing something is somewhat similar to wanting something. To put things in to perspective, you want something because you need it and you need something because you want it. Think about it. Situated in along Macalister Road in the old town of George Town, Macalister Mansion happens to be one of those places where people want to get the things they need.

Inside, the place is occupied with extremely beautiful and elegant décor from the entrance to the dining area, The Cellar and eight carefully thought out rooms. Among them includes the very posh Living Room. Embracing the idea of an all-day dining experience, this casual place may just be the coolest place to hang out. Offering plenty of local and international cuisine as well as an extremely wide range of teas to choose from, you may just be looking at the classiest place to chill as well. Among them includes, the Malaysian favourite, char kuey teow, pork free style. 

Mushroom Tagliatelle with Mix Mushroom, Basil and Red Wine Sauce as well as the Pan Sear Barramundi with Saute Zuchinni and Red Pepper is available for those looking for a classier meal. All day breakfast is also available. Some of the must tries includes the very special Unagi and Scrambled Eggs as well as the Yoghurt and Granola Parfait. But no breakfast is worth without a good cup of coffee. 

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