Lebuh Acheh Wantan Mee Georgetown

Operated by a team of husband-and-wife, Lebuh Acheh Wantan Mee has been around for years, if not decades and throughout the years of churning out plate after plate of scrumptious Wantan mee, they have gained much recognition and affection from local Penangites and tourists; food enthusiasts and non-enthusiasts alike. 

Available from the wee early morn, Lebuh Acheh Wantan Mee caters to those seeking for breakfast in the vicinity of Georgetown, and with warm smiles and open arms, the middle-aged couple will ensure that you get your dose of hearty wantan noodles to start the day. Nothing more can be asked for a beginning of a perfect day.

In terms of its wantan noodles, the star of the show, Lebuh Acheh has two different types of noodle goodness to choose from: fresh egg noodles and deep-fried noodles, both with its distinct texture. The former have a stringy, chewy feel to it while the latter, despite being deep-fried prior to being cooked, are crinkly, soft and easy to chew instead of being crispy. Coated with dark soy sauce with a hint of sweetness and garnished with a couple of fried wantan, a handful of sliced Char Siew, some Choy Sum, and diced green onions, the noodle dish is well on its way to being shoveled into respective patrons' eager mouths.

Apart from having wantan as the side dishes, the stall also offers home made pot-stickers braised in their wantan broth. The fillings consist of a delightful combination of minced pork and shrimp, along with small chunks of water chestnut to offer a crunchy texture.

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