Lai Hoe @ Sunshine Market Bayan Lepas

Over the decades, Penang is very much known as the island of food galore, with the local delicacies scattered all across the island and among its many gems, there is one particular dish which had won the hearts of both locals and tourists alike. Lai Hoe, a hawker stall based within the food court of Sunshine Market located in Bayan Lepas, specializes in noodle dishes.

In essence, the stall is primarily known for its signature dish, the Fish Meat Bee Hoon among other dishes with their own unique twists. For starters, the Fish Meat Bee Hoon's broth brings about a savory taste which is rather rich despite its clear, plain outlook. Deep fried fish cutlets help enhance the flavor of the dish, making it enticingly tasty. Garnished with spring onions and fried garlic, the dish is pleasant to both the eyes and the nose.

However, many would agree on the fact that the tom yam based noodles of Lai Hoe are the ones that deserve the spot-light. Aside from the clear, savory broth that Lai Hoe boasts, Lai Hoe sports yet another dish in their noodle menu, the Tom Yam Maggi Noodle which is -there is no other word for it- sensational. 

The tantalizing disarray of sour, sweet and spiciness of the tom yam flavor goes fairly well with the springy Maggi noodles. Call it a chaotic harmony, if you may. Along with the presence of minced pork meat and fish cutlets, its pretty much game over once you tried it. You will come back for more, if tom yam is your thing. But be warned, the spiciness -enhanced by the addition of mint leaves; is not for the weak-hearted. 

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