If you are looking for artisan pastries in the heart of Penang, head on over to La Vanille Pastry, a very illustrious, tiffany-turquoise painted café. With the interior decorated with subtle pastel colours, together with shelfs filled with miniatures and wooden furniture to complete it, the humble café looks like a comfortable haven. Even its logo hanging at the entrance is a very adorable bunny sitting in a teacup.

As a dessert house, they provide a wide range of delectable pastries like cupcakes and macarons served together with a cup of pleasant coffee or tea. You are welcomed into the café with a huge display of different types of designer cakes as well as tiers of decorative cupcakes. There is also a huge collection of sugar icing figurines in the chillers. It is somewhat like a mini dessert museum altogether. The place is also available as a promising setting for birthdays, weddings and other events.

There are a handful of flavourful macarons like Lavender, Green Tea and Rose; all colour-coded and also properly tagged behind the glass displays. One of the favourites is the Blue Cheese, which is a pretty blue shade. For cupcakes, the flavours include Coffee, Strawberry and Blueberry and they are just as recognizable based on the colour of the cream swirled on top of them. The presentation of your desserts are within a wooden container that fits about 5 macarons or one of each from every category.

There are set lunches available or meal courses like the Honey Grilled Chicken or the Carbonara Speghetti despite it solely on desserts but nevertheless, you can have the best of both, no?

Because the owner of the café loves art, she sells decorative cake toppers with various designs and cute statements and they are only 50 cents each if you ever want to purchase them. If you are interested in placing orders for their cupcakes, do make them 7 days in advanced to avoid disappointment. For a more indulging experience, you can visit the café during tea time to enjoy the atmosphere at its best. 

Operating Hour

Monday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, Saturday, Sunday

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