Kulim Best Cendol George Town

Nothing works better than having a bowl of incredibly refreshing icy cold cendol to go along with  the insurmountable tropical heat that is all too commonplace in Malaysia. This deliciously cold and sweet treat can be found pretty much anywhere in the country, whether it be in full fledged restaurants or road side stalls. Where the state of Penang is concerned, there is definitely no shortage of places to get cendol. If you’re ever touring the state, you’re bound to make a trip to the famous tourist attraction at Bukit Mertajam, St. Anne’s Church. Right opposite the church is where you’ll find a little unpretentious roadside cendol stall with a few plastic tables and chairs placed on the side that is manned by an old Malay couple, strangely named Kulim Best Cendol.

As far as the cendol itself is concerned,, it has all the quintessential ingredients you look for in a bowl of this local favourite. These components include the shaved ice, coconut milk, palm sugar, pandan jelly streaks, red beans, and a spoonful of glutinous rice (known to locals as pulut). One of distinctions regulars and food fanatics bring up regarding the cendol at this stall is the generous amount of cendol served to its price, which exceeds most of the other cendol stalls out there.

A recent introduction to this stall is their pasembur, which shows the expansion of the stall happening before us. In short, this is one of many places you should be getting your bowl of cendol when you’re in Penang.

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