KOCA Steamboat Restaurant George Town

Penang folks no longer need to worry about not having enough choices of steamboat buffet restaurants due to the expanding of this type of market in the island. Steamboat buffet eateries are currently mushrooming everywhere in Penang, giving the locals a much broader choice. Koca Steamboat Restaurant is among the residents’ pick when it comes to steamboat. Located at the New World Park, this place is providing a much more refined steamboat buffet dinner experience with cosy interior, air-conditioners, and different serving method.

So, how does the ordering method works? Patrons need to simply choose the desired items from the menu and the ingredients ordered will be served to them in a few moments. Not like other restaurants where you have to get up and pick up the food yourself at the kiosk or tables provided. The cons of this method would be the limited food selections due to the fixed portion and ingredients. The food will be served on a tray and each item is freshly made instead of using frozen food. Among the popular ones are the fish balls, dumplings, fish cake, seaweed dumplings, chicken balls, crab sticks, prawns, cuttlefish, jellyfish, chicken meats, and fish slices.


Diners can choose from two types of soup – clear soup or Tom yam soup. The broth is seasoned nicely with some additional mushrooms and cabbage. For the sauce, you will be provided with a petite plate of special homemade chilli sauce. It gives out a very good flavour of sesame seeds that is mixed with Thai style chilli sauce. Complemented in the set, you will be given free flow drinks that consist of two selections – chrysanthemum tea and Chinese tea. 

With an affordable price at RM26+ for buffet dinner and RM12.90 for lunch set, Koca Steamboat Restaurant should definitely be your next steamboat destination!

Operating Hour

Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, Saturday, Sunday

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