Located a few clicks away from Bayan Lepas, Teluk Kumbar of Penang houses one particular culinary relish that will tantalise your tastebuds if you're up for decadent Thai cuisines. Named Khunthai, this particular Thai gourmet kitchen boasts of several different branches scattered across the mainland but for the Khuntai of the Pearl of the Orient, the dining experience is heightened by the fact that the restaurant overlooks the seashore, allocating patrons with a beautiful, picturesque view of the straits.

Not to be outdone by the scenery, however, their authentic Thai menu will do nothing short of blowing you out of the water and back onto the seat of your dining table. Be prepared for an extensive array of succulent Thai dishes that will leave you talking Thai for the whole week ahead. In essence, any visit to a Thai restaurant comes with the mandatory order of Tom Yam -else it would be deemed a blasphemy; and if you ever found yourself there in Khunthai, make it a point to try their aptly named Mix Seafood Tom Yam. Comprising of a glaringly red coloration with soupy consistency, the dish comes in the form of a charcoal-based steamboat, and swimming within the broth, much of the seafood -hence the name; ingredients comprise of fat, juicy prawns, briny but tender slices of fish, squid, mushroom and coriander as garnish. And take heed, the portion is rather huge. 

Aside from that, the restaurant does provide a myriad of other dishes such as steamed fish -grouper in particular; lathered with sour broth, sweet lala (mussels) served with tangy lemon sauce, calamari rings -steamed or deep fried; a Thai rendition of the omelette, called Cha Am Omelette, and also crabs, just to name a few. If you want poultry to go along with the briny, savoury seafood, patrons can opt for their delectable green chicken curry. In all, the dishes there are not only tasty, but rather affordable given the portion in which they entail. Coupled with the scenic view of the beach, it's just about the best Thai restaurant around town, Penang-wise. 

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